Thursday, April 05, 2007


11 Songs out of 12 have been mastered and completed!
I am waiting on one more guest solo that has been recorded and all but we had problems with international mail taht delayed the completion of the song a little but I suspect that it will be complete by the end of the week!

That said, the recordings and masters will be finished right on time! Now if the CD printing process goes well and on schedule, the turn around time should be a couple of weeks and wife will have a new baby! Wow.

Anywhooos, That said, you can got to the website: and preview some of the songs!



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On the new album...

The album is about me being me (not in the selfish way). I just wanted to sit down with my guitar and write some good music without worrying about anything. I didn't worry about technique, I didn't worry about trying to sound original, I didn't worry if it sounded like someone else, I didn't worry about people liking it or not...I just sat there with my guitar and what came out came out and if I liked it then it would go on the album. No plans on topping the charts, no ambitions of trying to be the best guitarist, no worries about comparison...
While writing some of the songs I though it would be cool to contact some of my favorite guitar players and see if they would like to contribute a solo or two and "Andrew Bordoni & Friends" was born. I feel the result is a collection of guitar oriented songs with a well balanced combination of melody and technique that anyone can enjoy. If you simply just like music you'll find something on here you will like, if you enjoy guitar and fast solo's you'll find them here, if you like more laid back slower songs, you'll find them here.
There is something for everybody to enjoy on this album from soft rock to blues to metal, just the way I like it!
That said, I personally feel this is the best material I have ever wrote and some of my best guitar playing...and if you don't like my guitar playing, well then there is Dave Weiner, Kee Marcello, Lars Eric Mattsson...and many more! My wish is that when listening to this album the listener will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it and of course by the end of the CD feeling uplifted with a positive vibe and a big smile on their face!

Andrew Bordoni

Monday, March 26, 2007


YEAH! Got a brand new album on the way! It's been recorded, mixed and is currently being mastered for print!
SO...Head out to:

To find out more!!